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like im just gonna graduate with a bs and do nothing with it. ill work at a 7-11. i do not care.

1hr lecture on my future with my education bullshit… we all know i don’t give 2 shits abt bio and im pmuch stuck in it now. plus im in hk and i don’t want to think abt this shit rn? bye


Effigy - Dollmore Trinity LE Persona Pathos Lumie

This is 105cm of pure resin love. This girl is so amazing and despite the fact that all of these are sitting… She stands like a rock right out of the box. This is an outfit I just put together out of things I had so I had an excuse to use the boots I got as a gift from Dollmore. They are amazing but they did not match her other outfit. A few tucks and ribbons later and she had a cute new dress to go with them.

Doll: Dollmore
Wig: Dollmore
Eyes: Dollmore
Dress: Various unknown human clothes
Boots: Dollmore
Aesthetics: I did her faceup but Dollmore is responsible for that amazing blush on her hands <3

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